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Baltimore On My Mind

In front of Baltimore's Southern Baptist Church and as their new Senior Center burned to the ground Monday, Pastor Dante Hickman prophetically declared that out of the ashes will come revival for Baltimore. P.T.L.! He is interpreting what's going on from our loving and liberating Lord's pastorally prophetic perspective. Amen!

Until we admit and address the "thuggish" history of systemic racism in America that injures and/or kills more people of color and poor people daily than the Ferguson and now Baltimore riots, Black-on-Black crime, and Ebola combined, America's ugly history of racism will never get better.

Sunday, 4/26/15, in my message at FIBC tiltled, "RUN FOR YOUR LIFE! STOP RUNNING TO YOUR DEATH!" from Matt. 7:1-3; Romans13:1-5, 8-10 (CEV), I challenged the Church with these words. "Win more persons to Jesus Christ and make them His disciples, which will revolutionize our families, churches, neighborhoods, communities, cities, states, nations and world!"

"Listen, it's not going to begin in The White House, the Congress, the Supreme Court, the State Capitol, the City Hall or the Police Department! God called the Church to do His Unconditional Love Work in this world! 'And they'll know we are Christians by our love. . . .'"

When will God's Church rise up and stop allowing every other voice shouting their agendas while drowning out our voice?

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