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The Story of a
Black Baptist Preacher
Leading a Fight against
Mountainous Odds to
Honor the Man who had been
to the Mountaintop of
"Liberty and Justice for All" is about:
  • Martin Luther King, Jr.'s Posthumous Influence
  • Opposing  Factions Working Together
  • Leadership Under Fire
  • African-Americans Making a Difference
  • Peculiar Politics Arizona-Style
  • Racism and Bigotry Engrained
  • Matters of Faith in the Marketplace
  • Grassroots Coalition-Building
  • Losing and Winning
  • "Uneasy Alliance" with Big Business
  • A Half-Billion Dollar Holiday Boycott
  • Black Lives Matter - Then and Now
  • Following God Regardless
"Your tireless dedication to securing the passage of Proposition 300
which enabled Arizona to become the 49th state to observe
the King Federal Holiday is inspiring."
- Coretta Scott King
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